Increased Authentication

As part of our commitment to your privacy and security, Heritage Online Banking is built and maintained to the highest industry standards.  This means that Heritage Online Banking will continually evolve to counter emerging or evolving security threats.

We have upgraded our systems to give you one more way to counter "Phishing" attacks using Increased Authentication which provides you with valuable security features. During the enrolment process for Increased Authentication, you will be asked to select a picture, create a security phrase and provide answers to several security questions. You will also be given the opportunity to register the computer you usually login from as a "Trusted" computer.

On subsequent visits to our online banking, your personalized picture and security phrase will always appear when you log into our website. If you are attempting to login to Heritage Online Banking from a computer that has not been registered as a "Trusted" computer you will have to enter the correct answer to one of the security questions you originally chose. 

This will increase your assurance you are conducting your online banking on the legitimate Heritage Online Banking website and give us one more way of validating your identity.



If you have any questions regarding Increased Authentication please review our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact your local branch.